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Software Engineering-CMSE

Spring Semester 2020-2021 Undergraduate Courses

CMSE100 - Introduction to Profession

CMSE107 - Foundation Of Computer Engineering

CMSE112 - Programming Fundamentals

CMSE201 - Fundamentals of Software Engineering

CMSE211 - Object Oriented Programming

CMSE222 -  Introduction to Computer Organization

CMSE231 - Data Structures

CMSE318 - Principles of Programming Languages

CMSE322-A - Software Design

CMSE326-A - Software Quality Assurance & Testing

CMSE346 - Computer Networks & Communication

CMSE354 - Database Management Systems

CMSE400 - Summer Practice

CMSE405 - Graduation Project -I/II 

CMSE406 - Graduation Project -II/II  

CMSE419-A - Mobile Application Development

CMSE425-A - Fundamentals of Computer Vision

CMSE448-B - Modern Networking Concepts

CMSE461-A - Artificial Intelligence

CMSE471 Automata Theory

CMSE492 Selected Topics in Software Engineering II