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The laboratories in Computer Engineering Department are used for 8 different purposes. There are 5 Undergraduate Computer Laboratories, 1 Undergraduate Research/Project Laboratory, 3 Computer Research Laboratories, 2 Logic Design and Electronics Laboratories, 1 Electric and Electronics Labaratory and MERAC Laboratory. These 12 laboratories are used by Computer Engineering, Software Engineering and Turkish Computer Engineering Program students.

Undergraduate Computer Laboratories (5)

Laboratories for undergraduate courses provide a wide range of software tools to students for various computing needs in courses and projects. These laboratories are equipped with more than 300 networked Pentium personal computers, with connections to file and print servers, as well as to the Internet. Students can access Windows NT, UNIX and LINUX servers from these laboratories.

Mobile Application Development Laboratory (Android)(1)

This lab is used for application development on the android platform. The computers in these labs are supported with the necessary materials to develop mobile applications on the android platform.

Mobile Application Development Laboratory (iOS)(1)

This lab is used for application development on the iOS platform. It consists of Apple iMACs required to develop mobile applications on the iOS platform.

Undergraduate Research/Project Laboratory (1)

This laboratory is used for project and research studies of 4th year students. PC's in this lab have hard disks and multimedia support.

Msc./Ph.D Research Laboratory(1)

This laboratory provides general-purpose research facilities under various software platforms for graduate students.

Logic Design and Electronics Laboratory (2)

These laboratories are intended for teaching the fundamentals of combinatorial and sequential logic circuits. The equipments include construction boards with power supplies, clock generators, LED displays and IC's.

Electric and Electronics Laboratory(1)

The Electrical and Electronics Laboratory was established to provide facilities for conducting experiments on electrical circuits and basic electronics. In the laboratory, there are voltmeters, ammeters, signal generators, signal imaging devices and other discrete components.

MERAC Laboratory (1)

In this laboratory, in order to improve the monitoring of chronic diseases and to develop mobile applications and in parallel with this, to design the models that will help to diagnose the health problems early, general purporse of this laboratory to make scientific publications in the direction of collected data.

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