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Program Description

Software Engineering Undergraduate Program

Degree: B.S. / Duration (Years): 4

 Software Engineering is a relatively new program established in 2008 to meet the increasing demand for qualified software engineers. Software engineering involves the design, production and operation of software systems based on the engineering principles. Students of the Software Engineering Program have the possibility of accessing and intensively working on the most up-to-date information regarding their field of study.

 General Information About the Program

 Software Engineering Program emphasizes the skills and knowledge needed in the production of large complex software needed for the functioning of our society. Software Engineering graduates have the skills to take a software solution through all phases of production. In both programs, along with the technical courses, students produce a graduation project.


 The main aim of the Software Engineering Program is to introduce the students with the most up-to-date developments in the area of software engineering and, at the same time, to enhance their life-long learning skills. The Program aims to bring up qualified and well-educated software engineers who are knowledgeable in computer systems, hardware and software, and who are able to put their theoretical knowledge into practice by producing large-scale software designs. The department graduates are perfectly equipped to deal with rapidly changing environment due to their solid education and strong background in the underlying principles of the technology, as well as hands on experience they get through laboratory work.


 The Software Engineering program offering education under the Computer Engineering Department has international, distinguished full time staff of academicians and researchers. Furthermore, a selected group of graduate students work as research and teaching assistants. Fully-equipped software and hardware labs enabling computer engineering students to combine theory and practice are available at the Department. There are three general-use computer laboratories, one graduation project lab, two multimedia laboratories, two logic design laboratories, one microprocessor laboratory, one circuit and electronics laboratory, one research and development laboratory and, last but not least, two research-development laboratories.

 Career Opportunities

 Graduates of the Software Engineering Program are equipped with the skills demanded by the sector. Designing, implementing, testing, deploying and maintaining large scale complex software systems necessitates knowledge and skills of a software engineer. Given that the world today depends so much on large scale complex software systems, it is not a surprise that qualified software engineers are in big demand, and well compensated financially. Employers of software engineers include banks, large International companies with information technology departments, the public sector and universities. Graduates of the program can also pursue graduate studies in a software related area.

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