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Joint programs

Joint MS Program with ESTIA-FRANCE


1.  Students get both EMU and ESTIA MS diplomas upon successful completion of the program.

2. For application, students should have successfully passed at least 5 courses in the EMU MS program and should have at least 3.00 CGPA.

3. The remaining courses in the EMU MS program are completed at ESTIA from the equivalent course list. For a diploma with thesis, a thesis studey should also be completed at EMU or ESTIA.

4. The number of courses to be taken at ESTIA is determined by deducing the number of courses taken at EMU. (ESTIA requirement: A total of about 14 courses minus those taken at EMU)

5.  Applications are submitted to the Department Chair with a CV+Transcript and a “Letter of Intent" (a 1-page information sheet explaining why you want to apply for this program) until mid-July. (applications can be online)

6. Applications will be evaluated by the EMU-ESTIA joint committee.

 Joint BS (EMU) + MS (UNT) Program with University of North Texas


1. Qualify for a BS diploma from EMU and an MS diploma from UNT.

2.  A minimum of 3.00 CGPA and finishing all the 3rd year courses in the EMU BS program successfully (CMPE or CMSE English) are required for application.

3.  The remaining courses from the EMU BS program are completed by taking courses from the equivalent course list at UNT.

4.   At least one of the courses to be taken at UNT (first year) in each semester must be a UNT MS course.

5.  When the EMU BS program is completed at UNT, the student continues to the UNT MS program and the MS courses taken at UNT in the 4th year are counted into the  UNT MS program.

6.  For tuition (fee), dormitory and personal expenses issues: You can send an e-mail to

7.  Applications will be evaluated by the EMU-UNT joint committee.

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