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Summer Training Application Information.

Published Date: Thursday, 24 June 2021



Dear students: Please note that you can start your training after the final exams acocording to the academic calendar, i.e., you can start at 28/6/2021 or after.

Dear CMPE400/CMSE400/BLGM400 Students: Please note that the summer training coordinators are as follows:


Important note about Summer training:

- For the 2020/2021 academic year spring and summer, Online summer training will also be accepted due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • It is better to do the summer training after the 6th semester. However, finishing 4 semesters is also acceptable.

  • Summer training should be 40 working days or 20 + 20 days, in this case two reports and two presentations are required. Please count only working days.

  • Contact a company (You may send them a letter as in the link below; you can also get the letter from department secretary). You can also send the letter by email to the coordinator for signature.

  • Get acceptance letter [by email ], See the link below;

  • Fill insurance form, and pay the required fees (5TL/Day); see the link below. Fill the starting date and finishing date correctly. Remove holiday. It must be 40 days or 20 + 20. No more and No less; Payment should be in the university account under the name: “Yaz stajı Sigorta harcı"

  • Prepare three sets of papers, where each set contains

  • 1)  The filled insurance form, with your picture attached to it. Take care to the starting/ending dates. Record the working days only;  

  • 2)  The acceptance letter from the company;

  • 3) The bank receipt;

  • 4) The passport/photocopy.

  • Submit these sets to the DEPARTMENT, then DEAN office, then REGISTRAR office for approval. You can also conatct the coordinator for signing the insurance document. 

  • - In case you are abroad, send the scanned copy of: acceptance letter from the company, completed insurance form (with your picture placed in this form), passport/identity card photocopy, and bank-payment receipt by email to: , for CMPE students,  for CMSE students or for BLGM studnets [You may contact one of your friends in North Cyprus to facilitate this process]. 

 - You can transfer the insurance payment to one of the EMU university accounts with the note: “Yaz stajı Sigorta harcı"/"Summer training insurance fees". Pay 5 TL/day

- Please fill the insurance form correctly with correct dates, count only the working days. The following links can be helpful: or  [Please select the correct country]

- Complete the summer training forms at least 15 days before you start the training.

  • Collect log-book from Book Store, (it must be designed to computer engineering), if you abroad, see the link below for the log-book pdf file;

  • Record your daily  activities;

  • Upon completion, sign and stamp the log-book from the manager; Envelope must be closed and sealed.

  • Write your report. 

  • For those students who will graduate this summer, presentation will be done online. In this case, you will upload report to MS-team. For this step, send your Student number, and name to summer training coordinator to add you to the team; In case you are abroad, scanned copy of the log-book must be sent using e-mail by the manager.

Check the link for the forms:


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