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MASTER OF SCIENCE (without thesis)

Course Requirements

 The Master of Science (without thesis) in Computer Engineering program consists of at least ten 3 credit hours courses, making a total of 30 credit hours of course work, in accordance with the EMU by-laws. Students accepted in probation status must complete the undergraduate courses assigned to them by the Graduate Committee, and pass these courses, before they can become regular M.SC students. Graduate courses shall be selected by the student from the Computer Engineering Department graduate curriculum, or from another related graduate curriculum, under the supervision of his/her academic advisor, or with the consent of the Graduate program supervisor of the Department.

 Project Requirements

 All M.Sc (without thesis) students are required to prepare and present an M.Sc project under the supervision of a faculty member approved by the Department. The project requires the students to demonstrate the ability in applying their accumulations in finding unique, realistic, applicable and innovative solutions to problems in their professional fields. An M.Sc student should complete all the required studies, including courses and project work, within the minimum and maximum time set by the EMU by laws.

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