Welcome to My Calculator !


This is a fully functional calculator that performs the four basic  arithmetic operations + - / * and  the exponentiation operator ^. You can use parenthesis to change the order of evaluation. You can save partial results in named variables. You can also format your output up to 9 decimal places.

To save a result to memory, give it a name, and click the Mem button. To choose a previously saved variable, choose it from the drop-down list right next to Variables. You will also be able to see your input you entered.

The  C button clears the display if you make a mistake when entering a number, AC button resets the calculator, and MC button clears the memory.

You can also use the numeric keypad to enter input to the calculator. Make sure your num lock is on.

Enjoy! For bug reports, please mail me at zeki.bayram@emu.edu.tr .

My home page is at: http://cmpe.emu.edu.tr/bayram