Contact Information

hakan.altincay (at)

Department of Computer Engineering
Eastern Mediterranean University
Famagusta, Northern Cyprus (via Mersin 10 Turkey)
Office: CMPE221

Tel:  +90 392 6302842 Fax: +90 392 3650711


As of May 2014, we have established the Mobile hEalth Research and Application Center (MERAC) to conduct both theoretical and applied research on mobile health. Detailed information about MERAC can be obtained from its web site that can be accessed by clicking its logo given below.



Bachelor of Science
Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University (with High Honors), June 1993

Master of Science
Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University, November 1995

Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Middle East Technical University, June 2000

Work Experience

[February 2012 - present], h-index : 8 (ISI Web of Knowledge), 14 (Google Scholar)

Associate Professor
[December 2005 - January 2012]

Assistant Professor
[ September 2000 - November 2005]

Research Assistant, Electrical Engineering Dept., METU
[February 1996 - February 2000]

Research Assistant, Industrial Engineering Dept., METU
[September 1994 - January 1996]

Electrical and Electronics Engineer, Aselsan, Turkey
[August 1993 - August 1994]

Research Interests

Pattern Recognition
Medical and Healthcare Informatics
Multiple Classifier Systems, Decision Fusion
Text Categorization, Face Recognition
Speech Processing, Speaker Verification


Text Categorization Using Statistical Learning Techniques
   TRNC Ministry of Education, MEKB- 09-02 [June 2009 - December 2010]
Using MPEG-7 Audio Attributes for Speaker Verification
   TÜBİTAK, EEEAG-104E142 [July 2005 – January 2007]
Improving the Performance of Medical Data Mining Systems using Intelligent Classification Techniques
   TRNC Ministry of Education, MEKB-05-04 [September 2005 - January 2007]
Identity Verification by Combining Multiple Biometric Information
   TRNC Ministry of Education, MEKB - 07-06 [November 2007 - May 2009]

Latest Publications

Ghazaal Sheikhi and Hakan Altınçay, "The cost of Type II Diabetes Mellitus: A Machine Learning Perspective",
XIV Mediterranean Conference on Medical and Bilogical Engineering and Computing, Paphos, March 2016.

Journal Publications (dblp)

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1. Hakan Altınçay and Mübeccel Demirekler, "An Information Theoretic Framework for Weight Estimation in the
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Thesis Supervision

Ph.D. Theses

Termset Selection and Weighting in Binary Text Classification
by Dima Badawi, June 2015

Text Categorization Using Statistical Learning Techniques
by Zafer Erenel, August 2010

Speech Codec Detector Based Speaker Verification System in a Multi-Coder Environment
July 2004.

M.S. Theses

Experimental Evaluation of Feature Extraction Schemes for Face Recognition
by Shaghayegh Parchami, February 2015

Feature Selection using Co-occurrence of Terms for Binary Text Classification
by Marzieh Vahabi Mashak, February 2015

Performances of Deferred and Forward Shading under Different Lighting Conditions
by Alexander Polisciuc, July 2013

Functional Magnetic Resonance Image (FMRI) Based Brain Activity Classification
by Mehran Sahandi Far, July 2013

Editing the Nearest Feature Line Classifier
by Kamran Kamaei, February 2013

Optimal Estimation of Ensemble Member Weights using Bounded Neural Networks
by Ali Tüzel, February 2007

A Multiple Classifier System Using Jointly Optimal Classifiers for Speaker Identification
by Buket Çizili, February 2003

Speaker Identification in Multi-coder Environment
by Wasim Ahmad, February 2003

Application of Classifier Combination Techniques for Speaker Identification
by Awais Mahmood, June 2003

Program Committee Membership (Recent)

IEA/AIE2013 - IEA/AIE2014 - IEA/AIE2015 - IEA/AIE2016 - International conference on industrial, engineering and other applications of applied intelligent systems


Editorial Board Member

Applied Intelligence, Springer

Project Evaluation

TUBITAK, Panelist (June 2012)

TUBITAK, External Reviewer (November 2014)

TUBITAK, External Reviewer (November 2015)


Computational Statistics and Data Analysis, Elsevier
Engineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence
Expert Systems, Wiley
European Journal of Operational Research
IEE Electronics Letters
IEE Vision, Image, and Signal Processing
IEEE Trans. on Knowledge and Data Engineering
IEEE Trans. on Systems. Man and Cybernetics, Part B and C
IEEE Trans. on Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence
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IEA/AIE2013 - IEA/AIE2016 - International conference on industrial, engineering and other applications of applied intelligent systems


IEEE third best paper award in SIU'2003 conference, June 2003, Koç University
United Ph.D. Scholarship from TUBITAK, [1996 - 2000]
Successful student award in mathematics, Ministry of Education, [1989 - 1993]

Recent Committee Work

EMU Academic Assessment Committee (ADEK)
October 2013 - present

Board member of Advanced Technology Research and Development Institute
2004-2005, April 2011-present

Departmental Graduate Committee
Head, 2008-2012

Senate member, Assoc. Prof. Representative
2006-2007, 2009-2010

Faculty Board Member, Assoc. Prof. Representative
2006-2007, 2009-2010, 2010-2011, 2011-2012

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EMU Research Advisory Board, Engineering Faculty Representative
April 2011-2013

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